Transport information


Using public transport is easy thanks to - a very helpful website and application (Android, iPhone) for planning and finding public transport connections in Poznań, Poland.

Map of Poznan public transport Important connections:
You need to have tickets to go by bus or tram (tickets for buses and trams are the same). You can purchase them at bus/tram stops in kiosks or in ticket machines.

Here you can find information about ticket prices and fare zones: tickets info.

We recommend buying short-term ticket, which allows for an unlimited number of changes. The ticket should be validated immediately after boarding the vehicle.

Short-term tickets include the following types:
  • 24-hour (1 day) ticket which costs 13.6 zł
  • 48-hour (2-days) ticket which costs 21 zł
  • 72-hour (3-days) ticket which costs 27 zł
  • 7-days ticket which costs 47 zł
All the prices above are from the standard tariff.

For your convenience, we can purchase a 7-days ticket for you. You can receive it the first day of PSSB at registration desk. Let us know if you are interested in this type of ticket via registration form ("Optional comment" box).

To find out more about public transport in Poznań, please visit the website of Transport guide.

Hint: service will inform you on how much you will have to pay for the selected routes. This information is located right beneath the list of bus/tram stops.

Please follow this link to find information about taxi companies in Poznań, Poland.

Uber is available in Poznań, Poland.

Additional information on how to get to Akumulatory Club might be found here.